Choosing the right venue for your group retreat is an important first step in retreat organisation. To make this as easy as possible for you, we’ve put together a carefully chosen selection of the most beautiful destinations and retreat venues in Portugal, Azores and Spain.



With a fresh and laid-back vibe, just a few minutes walk from the beach
7 days
Located in central Portugal countryside, is the perfect place for a week in the heart of the forrest, small rivers…
Find peace and quietness with your group in the heart of Alentejo
7 days
At this charming estate close to the capital of the Azores, sustainability is at the core of everything.
7 Days
Deep inside the Galician forest, embodying the attributes of the ancient Celtic culture, and with perfect harmony with the surrounding…
7 days
On the awe-inspiring island of São Miguel, one can find one of our premium picks, the luxurious Ocean View Spa.
7 days


The Authentic Lisbon Experience

Our retreat venues are specially chosen to be off from touristic hot spots. However, due to its incredible beauty, we always recommend integrating a day in Lisbon into your retreat programme. With this guided tour, we will take you where the locals go, allowing you to deep dive into true authentic Portuguese culture, taste the delicious traditional food and live the most authentic Lisbon experience. A one day, full immersive experience with a night in our selected hotels.


We know that travelling to a foreign country currently is not easy. But we also know that your group needs your retreat more than ever before. In cooperation with our partners and the Portuguese authorities, we are working hard to ensure that the highest safety and health measures are in place. With free cancellation up to a month before your retreat, there is nothing that should stop us from planning and dreaming. We are convinced that our secluded locations, away from crowds, cities and touristic hotels, are the ideal place for you and your group to finally reunite.

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