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The Five Components of a Retreat

From our experience in retreat organisation, there are five key ingredients of a retreat. When these play together, you’re on the road to retreat success. 


A space to breathe, connect and to be together, away from noise, people and disturbance is the fundament of any retreat.


A venue that is aligned with your WHY, your objectives and the vibe you aim to create will play one of the most important roles in retreat satisfaction.


Let's co-create an unforgettable experience. Together, we can discuss which local activities can complement your programme and bring it to the next level.


We are what we eat! Therefore, enjoying nourishing, healthy and delicious food is key to creating happiness, energy and a positive transformation.


Transport might be the least fun, but an important one to plan! If planned correctly, we can ensure that you and your group travel smoothly and comfortably.



We know that finding a venue from afar that meets your requirements can sometimes be tricky. This is why we have put together a selection of the best retreat venues in Portugal and Spain.



Fresh, primarily local & delicious ingredients, talented chefs and a genuine love for a healthy lifestyle are the essence of the meals at Wide Ocean Retreat. 



We believe that together, we are stronger than our individual parts. By mixing your programme with our local experience we can create the most unforgettable week for you and your group!


We’ve got your back, before, during and after your retreat! You’ll be paired up with one of our retreat experts who will provide support in your retreat organisation. We’ll make sure the material you need is provided, the hotel is prepared and adapted, the programme is optimised, transport is at your door and all logistics run smoothly. Allowing you to really let go and relax and to focus on spending time with your group! 

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Let’s face it: time is our most valuable resource. We could either spend months learning how to organise the logistics of a retreat, finding and  negotiating with venues, trying to find a good chef and figuring out taxis and trains in a foreign language. Leverage our 5 years of retreat experience, local knowledge and our trialed and tested venues to be able to provide an unforgettable retreat experience quicker, smoother and with guaranteed satisfaction!

There are 4 easy steps to organising your retreat with us:

        1.  Browse the destinations and venues on our site and choose where you’d like to go. 
        2.  Contact us via email, phone or form with your desired dates and we’ll check availability for your venue of choice. 
        3.  Once this has been confirmed, we can start planning! We can chat or jump on a call to discuss your dream retreat. We’ll then help you put that dream into practice by recommending transport, local activities, suggesting a chef and menu, discussing any venue preparations and material needed and so on. 
        4.  Arrive to Portugal/Spain with your group and relax. One of our team members will be supporting you before, during and after the retreat.  

In cooperation with our partners and the Portuguese authorities, we are working hard to ensure that the highest safety and health measures are in place. With our most flexible cancellation policies in place, there is nothing that can stop us from planning and dreaming. We are convinced that our secluded locations, away from crowds, cities and touristic hotels, are the ideal place for you and your group to finally reunite. Please reach out to us for more information, or check out the below links:

We’ve currently got our most flexible cancellation policies in place. Cancel up to 5 weeks prior to the retreat due to COVID-related reasons and receive 100% back!

We know that retreat planning can require high up-front investments, leaving you as a retreat organiser with a high level of risk and a low level on the bank account :). This is why we have created a payment policy that minimises the upfront payment for you, allowing you time and flexibility to fill your spots ahead of making large financial commitments. Please contact us for more detail.